Moxie Labs is involved in creating digital platforms & AI based
products in healthcare. Its vision is to make an impact in billion
lives with its products. We are a team of Medical doctors, Industry
experts Alumni of IIT/IIM/NIT, having 20+ yrs of experience each.


Moxie is complete care platform for consumers and India’s first PRM platform for providers.
It enables consumers to care entire family as well as support community from one place and
it increases revenue and improves patient experience for providers.
It also enables healthcare facilities to go digital within no time. This platform provides digital
tools to run community outreach programs in hub-and-spoke model, where small canters
can work as spokes connecting with large hospital as hub.

Value Proposition

  • It enables consumers to care entire family at one place as they can
  1. Manage Family health & Records, engage with doctors, e-consult
  2. Get reminders for better care e.g. Pathological test due, Appointments, medicines etc.
  3. Avail Location aware services including Tracking others to help them when needed.
  4. Take Support from personal network e.g. Finding Answers based on experience of others etc.
  5. Avail Healthcare Services on demand.
  • It increases revenue of providers as
  1. It helps in getting more patient with patient outreach features
  2. It helps in retaining your existing patients with active engagement
  • It improves patient experience as
  1. Now patient can engage with doctors/hospitals digitally with Patient App and Portal
  2. Patient can avail services at one common place
  • It enables hospitals & outreach centers to digitally manage community health programs

Interesting facts

• Platform appreciated for its capability to transform healthcare delivery in India, by Hon’le PM
Mr Narendra Modi in 1-1 presentation.
• Top 3 start-up in Uttarakhand and also selected in BioAsia 2019 & part of Startup India.
• One platform universal access from any device (Mobile, tab, Laptop)
• In short span, it’s reach is over 15k+ users, 100k+ prescriptions, 200+ doctors & 3 hospitals