Mechanical Engineer-Intern

Mechanical Engineer-Intern

Job Description:  

    * Responsible for creation of 2D and 3D drawings to allow manufacture or purchase
      * Responsible for generation of Assembly drawings and bills of materials.
      * Responsible for meeting design to cost figures.
      * Responsible for carrying out design change requests in a timely manner.
      * Ensures the mechanical design output fits in with all other aspects of the Knowledge of manufacturing processes for automation and light manufacturing and contract manufacturing.
      * Responsible for the selection of equipment to be used to satisfy the scope of the project.
      * Evaluates vendor bids and drawings to assure compliance with specifications and requirements of the project shall plan, monitor, and control the mechanical service disciplines performance and compliance with scope, schedule, and budget (hours).     

 Skill Set:      

Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication, 2D & 3D drawings, Solidworks/AutoDesk/CAD
      Have some experience of designing, prototyping and testing industrial electro-mechanical solutions with embedded logic and control assemblies 3D CAD expertise (CATIA and/or SolidWorks).
      Hands-on experience on in-house Fablab and Toolroom.  

No. of Positions: 2  

Duration: 4-6 months

Perks: Performance-based Stipend, Certificate of experience, Recommendation Letter, PPO. All the internships come with PPO (Pre-Placement Offer) based on the performance.