About the Company

The company kpcode agency Private Limited is working at
Technology Business Incubator Graphic Era University as an
incubatee company since its inception. The company is engaged in
research, development, design and service of platform based on
technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Data science and
machine learning. Our platform and services will create a huge
impact on urban as well as rural young population of the world.

About the Product

We are working towards building a Data science and Machine Learning platform for kids which will
help them to find their true potential. It can be any form of digital product as we are working on
the platform.

About the Startup

• Founded in March 2019 as a coaching center of professional and financial coaching for
schools and college students.
• Joined in July 2019 with Technology Business Incubator, Graphic Era University for growing
the startup.

Interesting facts

• Recognized by TBI GEU DEHRADUN
• Recognized by MSME INDIA.

We are looking for

• Investors
• Distributors and franchise model expansation expert
• Knowledge and institutional partners
• Business Expansion Opportunities

Reach us at: