About the Company

AVK is social enterprise founded by a group of likeminded alumni from
IIT and NIT. We have come together work towards the much needed
improvement in education standards in the country, especially in public
institutions. We strongly believe no country can grow strong by
neglecting the public education system that caters to more than 73% of
the country’s population.
AVK is committed to building a Smarter Generation.

About the Product

Our flagship program on 3D education along with indigenous 3D printer designed to integrate the
complete curriculum of STEAM education with 3D printing technology. We encourage our next
generation to be active creators and not just passive consumers. 3D printing is the most distributive
technology of our time and at AVK we intend to integrate this technology with the public education

Startup Focus Area

Surprising fact for many, even from the technology background, 3D printing is technology much
older than you might suspect. Recently it is acknowledged asone of the top 10 disruptive technology
of present time, but it is there with us for more than 4 decades. The first incidence of additive
manufacturing ( official name of 3D printing) was witnessed back in 1980’s. Due to tight patent
protection for a large period of time it remain beyond the reach of common people. Only in last
decade after the expiration of all the patent now it is affordable and within the reach of everyone.
AVK is introducing to academic institutions at Uttarakhand, and educating the application of 3D
printing whcih is found in almost all walks of life, may it by fas
hion, medical science, space program, manufacturing, construction, etc, 3D printer is contributing
significantly in all domains.