Asriot Leo

Asriot Leo

About the Company

The company Asriot Leo Private Limited is established at
Technology Business Incubator Graphic Era University as an
incubatee company. The company is engaged in research,
design, development prosthetic bionic arm and is its
technologies based on Artificial Intelligence. Our
technologies will create a huge impact on urban as well as
rural population in India.

About the Product:

The cheapest and most reliable bionic arm is designed. The combination of AI technology along
with electromechanical system design tools we are able to design this product more compact and it
weighs less than the weight of real arm. This product most simple and can able to perform all the
daily routine activates and it will used without any surgical procedure. Also we are providing the
services related to software development, testing and web design and also the training Programms
of different CSE/IT software modules for Graduate and Undergraduate students.

About the Startup

 Founded in August 2018, with a multidisciplinary engineering and business team to provide
innovative solution to everyday need for the society.

 The the company registered as an incubatee company Technology Business Incubator Graphic Era

 The company aimed to provide services varied from Biomedical/Bio Mechanical devices design and
development to IT services.

 The product developed in this company will reach all groups of people at least cost without
sacrificing quality, reliability and availability

Interesting Facts

 The only company aimed to design and develop Bionic prosthetic bionic arm for the needy at
Least price.

 The most flexible devices.

 This device is developed with state of art.

 This device is used without any surgical procedure.

 Company also focused on providing the all variety of IT consult services.

 To inspire young minds we carryout training Programms for the Undergraduate and Graduate
students in different modules of software packages.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone No: +919634248273/8077174322